About Us

The Bible Church of Cabot is…

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A Place for Worshiping
First and foremost, the Bible Church is a worshiping church. We believe that God has created us with a purpose, and that purpose is to glorify Him. One way we can glorify Him is by living a lifestyle of worship. We seek to cultivate that worship lifestyle in what we teach and practice at our church so that it begins to become a natural thing to praise Him not only on Sundays but also through the week (weak) days in the routine of our lives.

A Place for LearningBCC 13
The Bible Church of Cabot is a teaching church whose textbook is the Bible. We meet together on Sunday mornings in small groups to discuss a passage of Scripture which we studied and about which we answered questions prepared by our Teaching Pastor the week prior. Then in our Worship Celebration he digs deeper into that same passage, giving us principles for application in our lives. So we get, in essence, a “triple dose” of each passage of Scripture as we study a book of the Bible.

A Place for Relationships
The Bible Church of Cabot is a caring church. When someone decides to become a part of our church, he or she becomes a part of our family. We care about the relationships in our family. Of course, our main concern is that of our relationship with Christ, but we are also constantly working on our relationships with one another. This is done in the context of working together in various small group settings such as Sunday School classes, Growth Group meetings, Ladies’ Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship, and Youth Fellowship times, and in larger group opportunities such as church family events. And just as one’s relationship with Christ is deepened by regular one-on-One communication, so are our relationships with one another in our fellowship; and we encourage the accountability that emerges from that type of relationship in our Body.

A Place for Growing
The Bible Church of Cabot is like a garden. We try to maintain an atmosphere where a Christian can grow to greater maturity. And everything that we do is done with a single purpose in mind: At the Bible Church our purpose is to glorify God by developing disciples who live lifestyles as worshipers of God, ministers of His love, and ambassadors into His world.