A local church is a group of people who have joined their gifts together in an understanding that together they are a team working to further the cause of Christ; that each one makes a significant contribution; and that each one is to be valued, cared for, and respected.

Christianity is relational; and we are to encourage one another to abide in our relationship with Christ, to love in our relationships with one another, and to bear witness in our relationships with the world.

This is achieved as individuals are involved in a large group gathering for celebration of what our Lord has done and for the proclamation of His Word, as well as in a small group of believers for the development of caring and transparent relationships where intimacy and accountability can flourish. This discipleship process is accomplished as a church develops a strategy which evangelizes the curious, establishes the convinced, equips the committed, and encourages the commissioned.

The goal is that we might become a people of praise to our God, a people of care for one another, and a people of impact where God has placed us.

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