Lesley Wolfe

Lesley Wolfe is one of our local Cabot girls who is a missionary with Ethnos360. She has been serving for over 19 years in a little Glaro village called Beoue in the bush of the Ivory Coast of Africa. After moving to the Ivory Coast in 1994, she spent her first 5 years developing her language and relational skills with the Glaro people, all in preparation to translate the word of God into their language. The next 2 years were spent developing a basic primer and literacy curriculum in order for the Glaro to be enabled to read what she would be translating.

By 2004, a translation draft of the book of Genesis into the Glaro language was completed, but due to much political instability and security concerns, most of the period from 2002 to 2008 was spent evacuating from, and returning to the Ivory Coast.

From 2008 until today, she has been able to enjoy the chance to stay in the village without the need to move around due to safety concerns, and as a result, she has been able to complete the books of Genesis and Mark, as well as the first 4 chapters of Exodus with chapters 5-20 being “in the works”. She also hopes to begin work on the book of Acts very soon.

The Lord has blessed Lesley’s work in the Ivory Coast, as she has made dear friends through her work with the Glaro people, even enlisting translation help from people such as her friend BK. They see a consistent display of God’s love and caring through her life and devotion to God’s work. The word of the Lord is being taken to the uttermost parts of the Earth through His servants such as Lesley.

Email: lesley_wolfe@ntm.org