Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Request page is updated weekly and sometimes more often, as needed. Please feel free to submit prayer requests on the form at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to pray with you.

Our Church Family Requests

  • Susan Sharp recovering from shoulder surgery.
  • Buster & Gloria Godbee’s son, Chad, with two blood clots in his leg and also recovering from a serious shoulder surgery.
  • Jay Hatler’s niece, Lauren, recovering from an auto accident.
  • Jacob Shore recovering from surgery on a vertebra; Jacob is also asking prayers for wisdom as he needs to make decisions concerning his job.
  • Dan Smith recovering from his second hip replacement.
  • Pastor Rob Davis as he continues to heal from pancreatitis.
  • Michael Cantrell in treatment for an autoimmune disease. Please pray that the treatment will be effective with minimal side effects.
  • Pray for the persecuted church throughout the world.
  • Tricia Morin’s dad with vascular dementia.
  • Mike Paul as he continues to need prayer for physical strength.
  • Teressia & Glen Phillips struggling with health issues.
  • Carl Gustke’s niece, Jannette and his sister, Janis.
  • Susan Sharp asks prayer of spiritual guidance for her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Sharp and her niece, Cyndee Sarten.
  • Our nation, our leaders, families of/and deployed military.
  • Salvation for friends and family of this church and of our missionaries.

Cancer in Family Members and Friends
David Elledge, Jana Smith’s brother
Pam Janiesse
Stacey Moore, Tricia Morin’s friend
Keith, a friend of the Hatlers

Our Missionaries of the Month
The Cooks in Spain

Our Ministry of the Month
Fishnet Missions

Also pray this week for:
The Gospel’s Expansion
Our Sphere of Influence
Authorities Over Us

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